After being stuck at work for 30 hours with the highways closed - I decided to make a run for it. The animals had been alone the entire time and I was compelled to get home to them. I slipped passed the police at the roadblock and barrelled up the highway, plowed through the exit (Valencia) and "dug" a tunnel down our road. Lost a windsheild wiper but everything else was intact. The dogs were happy to see me.


First one on the road.

Explorer plowed almost 4 feet of snow to get home!

Road continues up the middle of the photo.

This is where the explorer landed at the entrance to the driveway.

(the tunnel in forground that I had to dig to get to the house.)

The adventure continued as I arrived to a freezing cold house. Hmmmm no heat....

I had to climb on the roof to clear the roof vents for the heater to kick on...

When I got back down it took two shots of Jack to stop myself from shaking

I don't like ladders much.

But I had heat!

This was the next morning as I went to look back on the road I had plowed.

My friend Margaret now calls me Xena, Warrior Princess.